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Corporate Membership - 1 Year Plan

One Year Corporate Membership - 3 individuals
CA$120.00 / Year
Up to 3 Employees.  $50/Additional Employee
Annual Membership
Corporate Membership for 1 year - $120. (CAD)
Subscription period: 1 year only at this rate. A Corporate Membership provides membership privileges for up to three (3) individuals of the same company/organization. The Member can automatically renew membership.

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Student Membership

This plan is offered to post-secondary students
CA$25.00 / Year
Annual Membership
Student Individual Membership - $25. (CAD)
Subscription period: 1 year
No recurring payments. Renewal at this rate is contingent on registration as a student in an educational institution.

Individual Membership - 1 Year

Individual Plan - Welcome to the HKCBA!
CA$65.00 / Year
Annual Membership
Individual Membership for 1 year - $65. (CAD)
Subscription period: to end of this calendar year.

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